Nekos Saugerties Pharmacy is committed to improving your quality of life while ensuring your comfort and well-being. Our Certified Fitter, Mike Coddington, is highly trained and experienced, and is available by appointment for in-store fittings. We understand that not every patient is able to visit our store, so we can arrange a House Call to make sure that you get the right product with the proper fit. Please call to schedule an in-home fitting.

Orthopedic Braces
We maintain a huge stock of ready-to-wear braces, supports, and orthotics for the neck, back, shoulders, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow.

Cam Walkers
Plantar Fascitis Splints
Cervical Collars
Clavicle Straps
Posture Supports
Contracture Splints
Seizure Helmets
Compression Garments

Graduated Compression Stockings and Socks are important to leg health. They help minimize muscle aches, swelling and fatigue. At Nekos Pharmacy we carry ready-to-wear compression garments in all sizes and strengths from some of the finest names in the industry.. In more specialized cases we can custom fit you with stockings and burn garments, or provide you with a lymphedema sleeve and pump or circaid garment.